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Point Resolution Footbridge, Auckland

  • Point Resolution Footbridge
  • Point Resolution Footbridge
  • Point Resolution Footbridge
  • Point Resolution Footbridge
  • Point Resolution Footbridge
  • Point Resolution Footbridge
  • Point Resolution Footbridge
  • Point Resolution Footbridge
  • Point Resolution Footbridge
  • Point Resolution Footbridge
  • Point Resolution Footbridge
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Key Project Details



Auckland Council


Warren & Mahoney Architects Ltd


Hawkins Infrastructure

Project Value

$3.5 million


Design work was completed during 2012. Competitive tendering for physical works closed early 2012 and work completed in July 2013.


  • Technical difficulties associated with constructing a new structure over a fully operational Railway
  • Complexity of Precast Concrete and Structural Steel
  • Innovative Construction methodology


  • Diamond shaped columns, which bifurcate to form triangular shaped arches. 
  • Continuous concrete deck formed by stitching together three separate twin-celled post-tensioned precast concrete sections.
  • Site specific artwork - Henriata Nicholas developed a Pungarunga (water ripple)  pattern over the concrete and glass surfaces reflecting the International Modern style of the adjoining Parnell Baths.
  • Two sets of Structural steel stairs with Inclined balustrades.
  • Innovative Seismic Design Philosophy including the use of inclined Bearings.


Footbridge 2014 Awards – July ‘14, London
Shortlisted to final 6 in Short Span category

New Zealand Concrete Society 2013
Monte Craven Architectural Building Award
Point Resolution Footbridge is a new footbridge in an iconic location bordering the Waitemata Harbour in Auckland and alongside the historic Parnell Baths. The original bridge was built in the 1930’s. Suffering severe corrosion and with the imminent electrification of Auckland’s Rail Network, the bridge needed to be replaced.

The bridge design is formed using three primary elements: a hull-like post-tensioned concrete deck extending from the headland and out into the harbour, which is in turn cradled by a highly expressive exoskeleton and a simple cantilevered glass balustrade.

The slender piers were designed as propped cantilevers for adequacy for road and rail collision loads. Detailed stress analyses of the piers were facilitated by the use of 3-D finite element software. Vortex shedding calculations were performed to ensure the arches would not vibrate in resonance with the wind. 

Perhaps the most innovative feature of the footbridge is the seismic design philosophy. The footbridge deck beam is secured longitudinally by ground anchors at the headland abutment and transversely by the steel stairs which function as lateral struts. To minimise the moments on the slender steel piers, the bearing supports were inclined to align through the shear centre of the Deck beam. The torque induced in the beam by live loads on the stairs is then carried to the abutment where two widely spaced bearing pads prevent the beam end from rotating.
The commission from Auckland Council was to carry out:
  • Initial Structural assessment of the old bridge
  • Design of temporary supporting measures
  • Detailed design of the new bridge
  • Tender documentation
  • Construction observation
The number of sub-consultants within the construction programme of the project also required a collaborative mind-set that would ensure that all parties involved were recognised. With the support of the Client, the Architect and the Project Management Team, we were able to formulate a strategy that worked for everyone and resulted in the successful completion of the bridge. The result is a stunning iconic footbridge on the waterfront of Auckland harbour.

“It is an elegant, clever and unobtrusive solution. The architecture and integration of structure and environment works perfectly – and showcases what can be achieved when value is placed on building structures that are highly functional and in sync with the environment.”

Judges Citation – Monte Craven Architectural Building Award, New Zealand Concrete Society

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