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Awaruku Bridge - Long Bay - Gateway Bridge

  • Awaruku Bridge
  • Awaruku Bridge
  • Awaruku Bridge
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Key Project Details



Todd Properties Ltd
Client’s Representative
David Osborne, Todd Properties Ltd


Jasmax Architects


HEB Construction Ltd

Project Value

Approximately $2.2m construction value
The Awaruku Bridge is part of a major subdivision project in Long Bay, North Auckland. The bridge provides primary access from the existing roading network at Torbay, into the new Long Bay subdivision under development by Todd Property Ltd. As the bridge is essentially a gateway into the new subdivision, Todd property chose to invest in a quality structure with enhanced aesthetic appeal.

The structure consists of a slender 35m precast concrete span, constructed with super tee girders framing into in situ concrete abutments supported by bored piles.

Aesthetic enhancements include a diverging roadway allowing placement of a Marker Tower at the north abutment, a steel “cattle stop feature” filling the void between the two roadways and “farm gates” attached at each end providing reference to what was once working farm land.

Construction of the bridge followed a conventional design process carried out by Novare Design. This included interaction with the design team to achieve the desired aesthetic results, while at the same time ensuring both an economical and functional outcome was achieved. Aesthetic enhancements were driven by Jasmax Architect with Novare Design pivotal in providing detailed design engineering.

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