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Seismic Engineering

Novare Design has the tools and experience to conduct a range of seismic design and analysis projects. In addition to the complex structural modelling and analysis that we do, we also have the capabilities to conduct site-specific seismic hazard assessments and to select and scale ground motion records to fit site-specific response spectra. 

We adopt a Performance Based approach to structural and non-structural design and, in the preliminary design stage, we establish targets for structural performance indicators like collapse safety, financial loss and building downtime. Evaluating structural performance in these terms enables us to better communicate the expected performance to our clients and gives clients a greater level of confidence in the resilience of their structure. 

If our clients wish to achieve ‘better-than-code’ performance, Novare Design will analyze the structure using state of the art structural analysis tools as well as loss and downtime estimation tools that are usually reserved for academic purposes.  We will work to minimize any cost implications of enhanced design by conducting non-linear time history response analyses (NLTHRA). These analyses, when undertaken carefully using appropriate ground motion records, allow the engineer to better understand the performance of the structure and to provide cost savings by optimizing the design without compromising the performance. 

Our capabilities include:

-    Building Strengthening Design
-    Performance - Based Seismic Design
-    Site - Specific Seismic Hazard Assessment
-    Ground Motion Selection
-    Non-linear Time History Analysis
-    Pushover Analysis
-    Loss and Downtime Estimation
-    Seismic Risk Assessment
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About Novare Design

Novare Design is a New Zealand based company of civil and structural engineers providing superior service nationally and throughout Asia and the Pacific. We pair innovation with experience to provide a professional yet personalised service for our clients needs. Our expertise includes the buildings, bridges, civil and infrastructure sectors. Novare Design has gained an enviable reputation for delivering solutions that exceed our client's expectations.

ACENZ - Silver Award for Excellence

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